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About Gwyneth answering all of the press conference questions in French.

GOOP has busted out interviews in Italian, French, and Spanish. It’s actually pretty impressive.

Because we all could use a laugh.

How can  you not love RDD? OMG. 

Oh my dear, sweet, adorable Robert, who I have loved since the 80’s and will love until the end of time.

Love him so much. And hell, I love Goop’s pretentious a$$, too, lbr.

Love me some RDJ

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Oh my god, the lyrics one. That was my main struggle.

Yep, this was what it was like to be Lauren in high school … except for the cell phone part. I didn’t get one of those until my 18th birthday

AMAZINGLY ACCURATE. Although like Lauren, I did not get a cell phone until I was 18 (when I went to college, actually), and even THEN, I could only use it after 7PM or in emergencies.

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At RT13, part 2

Question from audience:
If you choose to kill a main character, how do you choose which one to kill?
Carrie Ryan:
You kill the one that will cause the reader the most pain.